Program name: ClipLog and ClipFind

Author: Vernon Marsden

CLipLog is a simple windows program

that watches the Windows ClipBoard.

Any 'COPY text' action will trigger ClipLog,

to LOG the 'CopiedText' into a disk file (yyyymmdd.txt).

ClipLog also time_stamps each 'CopiedText' entry,

and ceates a new 'yyyymmdd.txt' file for each day.

ClipLog is portable freeware, no changes are made

to your computer. Simply create a new Folder,

perhaps named "C:\CLipLog". And copy the

file into it. UnZip the file.

Now there should be 5 files in the CLipLog Folder,, ClipLog.exe, ClipLog.bas(HotBasic sourceCode), ClipLog.ico, ClipFInd.exe, ClipFind_Help.txt .

Newly created Log files will also reside in this same Folder.

ClipLog has five buttons,

1) [Send ClipLogWindow to TaskTray]  makes ClipLog

run invisible, except for a visible Icon in the TaskTray.

    You can make ClipLog visible again, by doubleClicking

    on its TaskTray Icon.

2) [FIND]  startup the ClipLog’s Search Program, ClipFind.

3) [HELP] Dislpays ClipLog/ClipFind Help DOCs in Browser.

4) [EXIT] Exits program.

5) [SHOW Files FOLDER] This brings up winExplorer showing

Your ClipLog FOLDER.

You might want to created a CLipLog.lnk (shortcut).

And put it into your StartUp Folder. Perhaps here:

"C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup".

Then ClipLog will be started automatically, at each system startup.

ClipFind is a search program for your ClipLog yyyymmdd.txt files.

Finds text in all [.txt , .bas , .html] files in current or selected directory. The default search directory is where ClipFind.exe and ClipLog.exe are located.

==Search starts with "Enter" key in search text box or with "Find It" button.

==Keyboard arrows navigate search results; "Space" selects item and "Enter" displays item.

==Result items can be selected with key or mouse doubleclick and displayed.

Your browser is launched to display .html result files.

=="Escape" exits result display or exits program.

=="Tab" switches focus between search text box and search results list.

Search text examples:

" mod " finds fewer hits than "mod".

" hex" finds fewer hits than "hex".

How I use ClipLog/Find:

Its easy to find URLs, by searching for “http or www”. For other things, like Quotes, I imbed the word “quote” in the COPY command, or make a separate, immediate COPY with just the word “quote”.

I use the same method for other types of info,  such as “appt  for appointment”, “paid”, "passw", “phone”,  “todoDone”, “todoOpen”, "RegKey", “wishlist”, .

This way ClipLog is also a Personal information manager (PIM).  

Hope this helps someone, Happy Trails!...Vernon

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